Elsewhen Series 2


by Leah Marojević and Theo Clinkard







Modern day romantics, period dramas, projecting the present, practicing elsewhere and elsewhen,

a series of day dreams and escapisms into alternatives via nature and her animals.




Five stand alone duet scores which take their through-line from the Romantic era and the values they embodied as protest against the mechanical and industrialised world that was emerging in Europe at the beginning of the 18th Century. Imagination, awe, intuition, nature, spontaneity and the soulmate.


Theo and Leah continue the work of the Romantics to soften modernity by physically defending the dream space, practicing passion, questioning productivity, allowing intense emotionality back into spontaneous decision making and practicing a child like faith as a way of seeing.



Romanticism embodied 'a new and restless spirit, seeking violently to burst through old and cramping forms,

a nervous preoccupation with perpetually changing inner states of consciousness, a longing for the unbounded and the indefinable,

for perpetual movement and change, an effort to return to the forgotten sources of life, a passionate effort at self-assertion both individual and collective,

a search after means of expressing an unappeasable yearning for unattainable goals' 


Isaiah Berlin



 Available for touring from February 2019


- The Elsewhen Series has been conceived to be as low-fi as possible and generally require no light or sound technical support and also no sprung floor or dance mats.

- The full series can be programmed but each duet can exist as a stand alone work. With each organisation, we will discuss which scores feel appropriate to that setting.

- These are durational works, a suitable length for each context is also up for discussion.

- One duet requires a dark space and for another we will use our own portable UE BOOM Bluetooth speakers.

- Each duet has a distinct costume design element or extraordinary visual component

- Each performance score would be 'happened upon' rather than have specific performance times - like they are living in the space as works of nature.

- We envision that audience will be involved in various ways with each of the duet scores,

  ie that we might be moving quickly through populated spaces / audience will be in close proximity to a duet score that is more located in one place

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