The Days

Commissioned by Maria Nurmela and Ville Oinonen


The audience are invited on stage for an intimate encounter with two exceptional Finnish performers, Maria Nurmela and Ville Oinonen.

Constructed from a singular physical concept that sustains throughout the work, ‘The Days’ engenders a world of ever shifting negotiations, complex feelings and comic disconnection. Caught in an impossible loop of absurd and heartfelt exchanges, the performers journey takes the form of a lifetime shared, in this compelling performance about care, resilience and the desire for connection.




Concept, direction and design: Theo Clinkard

Realisation and Performance: Maria Nurmela and Ville Oinonen

Sound score: James Keane

Light design:  Kalle Ropponen

Outside eye: Leah Marojevi

Production: Inari Pesonen


Premiere: Pori Dance Festival Month, Finland, December 2018

Duration: 50 minutes approximately


Contact: Inari Pesonen         inaripesonen@gmail.com

Technical contact: Kalle Ropponen     kalle.ropponen@welho.com



Currently availabile for touring

Performed 'in the square', with audience sat on 4 sides.

Suitable for black box theatres, village halls and similar spaces.

The piece concludes with two mature guest local performers.

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Olivia Hansson

"A great insight turns the direction of a dance performance: The Days is a shared lifelong journey that moves also the spectator."


Karoliina Korvuo