Ordinary Courage

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"Clinkard's movement language is deceptive, its apparent simplicity that of well written dialogue. There's nothing that doesn't need to be there..."

**** The Observer


"As a psychologist I am used to being moved by grief expressed through words and emotion. Ordinary Courage took me on a physical adventure through grief; inviting my body and senses to resonate with the energy, mystery and healing inherent in grief. Ordinary Courage thundered through my body awakening it to life."

Dr. Geoff Warburton (Psychologist)


 "Ordinary Courage’ is expansive and full of light - literally.

There is much to see and yet there is also a ringing simplicity about it“ 




'Grounded as it is in human experience, Ordinary Courage is a very approachable work. Clinkard’s movement language is deceptive, its apparent simplicity that of well-written dialogue. There’s nothing that doesn’t need to be there, and the precision with which we are led through the darkness of grief to the light beyond promises well for his future work.' 

**** The Observer


Pari Naderi


choreographer + designer        Theo Clinkard              

composer                                  Alan Stones / Scarlatti  

concert pianist                           Clíodna Shanahan    

lighting design                          Zerlina Hughes

costumes                                   Theo Clinkard

performers                                 Theo Clinkard, Helka Kaski

                                                 Margarita Zarfilla, Maho Ihara,

                                                 Charlie Morrissey, Adam Blanch


Ordinary Courage uses uses rousing and eloquent dance to examine the nature of loss and the capacity for movement and touch to communicate when words are inadequate.






The work toured throughout 2013/14 to 22 theatres across the U.K. including a presentation at British Dance Edition 2014 and a tour in Chile.          


Ordinary Courage was created with funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and is supported by Dance4, South East Dance as a 'Made in Kent' commission, Greenwich Dance, Trinity Laban, The Point, Pavilion Dance South West, Bath ICIA, Dance Base Edinburgh and Chichester University.