GENTLE MEN is a simple and hopeful dance, created with and for 10 young men. Though the use of a light touch, empowering comeradery, bobastic rhythmic stomping and belting out three part harmony, Theo and his cast hope to expose some of the less expected aspects of what it might mean to be young and male today. Adopting the structure of traditional social dances and set to the heartfelt songs of Bob Dylan, the work hopes to generate empathy and togetherness, when so much around us supports individualism.


GENTLE MEN is performed by 10 male students currently studying at Edge Hill University who make up part of the touring company Edge Fwd. The 20 minute creation is usually presented in non theatre spaces such as galleries, foyers, shopping malls and various outdoor spaces.


Touring throughout 2017. For any enquirues contact company director, Debbie Milner.