Clinkard is currently planning a new company work, The Century Project (working title) which is due to be created in 2020 following a period of research across 2019. The following text outlines the current thinking, although it is guaranteed that the forthcoming research period will shift and expand upon these initial ideas.





This ambitious project spans a century; curating the space and methodology to sustain and pass on one hundred years of dance practice, to culminate in a premiere performance beyond our lifetimes, in 2120.


Created in 2020 for Clinkard's company, this work will be relayed to a new group of performers every 5 years, celebrating how dancers practice; assimilate, hold, recall and pass on embodied knowledge.


As custodianship is passed from host organisation to host organisation, the relay itself becomes a studio-based public performance event and artist to artist exchange becomes the main act, offering a window into a unique process.


Each host organisation will care take the work for the subsequent 5 years. Their responsibility will include housing the archive of notation and documentation, offering the dancers studio space to practise, initiating wrap around activity, assist in casting the next group of performers and presenting the relaying event.


This onward journey will continue without Clinkard's intervention. It is imagined that the dancers tools for relay will be analogue and spoken/demonstrated, making the continued case for the dancing body as a more reliable site and creative notation a more accurate tool for the passing on of a movement score than the technology of the time.


The research phase will include establishing a key organisation that will commit to staging the eventual premiere performance in 2120.



In Spring 2020, the project will launch with a live lecture performance, we expect this will include excerpts of the work, filmed interviews with archivists and future forecasters for example, and an audience discussion. This launch performance will then be available for touring.  





For more information on presenting the lecture performance, becoming a host organsiation or even presenting the 2120 premiere, please contact...  

Kat Bridge,  Producer 'The Century Project'